We virtualize your applications into convenient functional blocks - containers. And then automate deployment, scaling and management of these applications using the most famous technology in the world – Kubernetes..
Kubernetes capability (K8s)
Service monitoring and load balancing
Automatic deployment and rollbacks
Orchestration container
Automatic load balancing
Confidential information and configuration management
Service monitoring and load balancing
We will audit the entire infrastructure, test for failures and fault tolerance, examine the monitoring and alert system, and check code quality..
Flexible deployment and rollbacks
Kubernetes automatically deploys containers and can also delete containers and allocate their resources to a new user-defined container..
Kubernetes will detect failed containers, restart or replace them. It can also terminate containers that have not passed operating capacity check..
Orchestration container
Kubernetes will automatically mount local or cloud storage..
Automatic load balancing
Kubernetes gives careful control over the cluster provided to it. You can specify the amount of resources it uses for each container - CPU and RAM memory. And orchestrator will place containers on nodes in the most optimal way..
Confidential information and configuration management
Kubernetes stores and manages passwords, tokens, and keys without changing the container image..
Kubernetes for Enterprise
We'll answer all your migration, assembly, and deployment questions..
For all categories of business
Large and medium business
Your large audience will not notice any downtime during maintenance. Compact workgroup will effectively manage the vast automated infrastructure..
Experiment and add new tools without worrying about maintaining your growing infrastructure. You scale with minimal effort as your traffic grows..
Project implementation
To begin with, we will analyze in detail the logic and architecture of the project, discuss and define its tasks. Then we will determine appropriate Kubernetes functionality and organization of most optimal infrastructure. We will install solutions that will help you in your business..
We offer two convenient ways to work on a project:
Consultation and installation
- preparing and configuring Kubernetes
- transfer project to new system
- comprehensive documentation

Monthly payment, based on the results of the project evaluation.
Installation and support
- transferring project to Kubernetes system;
- comprehensive documentation
- full project support 24/7/365;
- account manager seconded to project;
- SLA with response time up to 15 minutes;
- data backup;
- training your team

Monthly payment based on results of project evaluation.
Order an
infrastructure audit
We’ll check system for vulnerabilities when scaling, transferring or upcoming load on server..