Support for highly loaded systems
Created large project based on website or application?
Audience is growing exponentially, and you are running out of time to process orders? Servers are starting to fail, service is increasingly unavailable and business is at standstill?

This is a highload. This means that infrastructure cannot withstand high loads.
Order an audit
Two systems
«It's time to contact CORE 24/7»
Site pages load slowly or freeze up..

Random errors appear more often..

Downtime approached to 2%..

Video is not available, images open in portions or do not open at all..
«And we are just from them»
Thousands of people a day freely send large number of requests..

Audience is growing, and service is not overloaded..

Immediate data transfer..

Huge data volumes are securely distributed across dozens of servers..
Examples of highly loaded systems
Web portals
Social networks
Multiplayer browser games
Online business that needs to scale
Video hosting
How we can assist
Analyzing the project
We give recommendations
Scale the project
Implementing CI/CD
Implementing Kubernetes
Project analysis:
We will audit the entire infrastructure, test for failures and fault tolerance, examine the monitoring and alert system, and check code quality..
Hourly rate: $60
We give recommendations on optimization and improvement of infrastructure, consult on monitoring systems and provide detailed instructions..
Hourly rate: $60
- install applications for round-the-clock monitoring;
- respond to accidents within 15 minutes;
- carry out project documentation;
- technical support 24/7;
- backup and data integrity control.

Three SRE engineers and project manager are working on the project
Hourly rate: $60
Scale the project:
- Set up servers.
- Transfer projects with subsequent testing..
- Switch traffic to new servers without downtime.
- Carry out audit and comprehensive optimization of infrastructure.
Hourly rate: $60
Implementing CI/CD:
- Infrastructure management via CI/CD
- containerizing applications for Kubernetes
- create Helm charts
- automatic deployment and rollback of your application
- dynamic review for launching the environment by button for developers
- unit testing
- work with Docker Registry
Hourly rate: $60
Implementing Kubernetes:
- Design, create and maintain Kubernetes cluster
- Monitoring cluster health with Prometheus and Grafana
- Build, clean and store application and cluster logs with Elasticsearch and Kibana
- Network policies
- Configure and maintain CephFS cluster
- Manage secrets with HashiCorp Vault
- Planned system updates
- Backup
Hourly rate: $60
Plann to scale?
We will conduct an exhaustive audit and select the most suitable solution..