Cloud infrastructure

New technology standard for medium and large businesses
The move to cloud computing is a global trend. Viewers no longer keep movie discs at home, but watch any one in two clicks thanks to streaming services. Likewise, companies are ditching the maintenance of a vast IT infrastructure, using resources and programs on demand over the network.
Cloud benefits
No need to maintain and develop physical infrastructure
There is no need to maintain and train additional staff of specialists
Cost savings by paying for real consumption
Flexible scalability and smooth operation under high loads
Hybrid cloud
For some companies, a hybrid model is suitable. Keep sensitive data on-premises while leveraging the resources of the cloud platform.
The production environment is running in the cloud
Development and testing environment runs on local servers
Decided to go to the cloud?
It is necessary to ensure migration with minimal risks and with confidence in the further correct operation of the services. Our extensive expertise in this and related areas allows us to do this in a short time.
How do we help with migration?
We will conduct an audit of the existing infrastructure: we will give a detailed analysis of the existing systems, we will select technologies and approaches, and we will also plan the migration.
We will gradually transfer all systems to the cloud
We will provide and configure monitoring of the project during and after migration. We will train your employees to work with cloud tools.
We use the worlds best solutions in our work
How much is it?
We have prepared a handy calculator for you.
You only need to specify a couple of values and get an approximate calculation