Infrastructure audit, project monitoring audit and code base audit
As the number and complexity of technology grows, auditing will show you what, how, and why needs to change so you can create products with less cost and unnecessary effort, and don't forget about security.
We will analyze data warehouses, test systems for fault tolerance, and examine all environments.
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We will analyze systems for accounting indicators and notifications at all levels, set up automatic tests and analyze in detail project logic.
The most common problem when migrating, merging, and building code is poor quality. We will conduct an appropriate audit, as well as automate the assembly and integrate applications, services and platforms.
We ensure confidentiality of information technically and legally and adhere to professional ethics.
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Audit procedure
Audit subject
System architecture and infrastructure stability
Monitoring and warning systems
Organization of duty shifts
Backup system
Project reservation system and DRP plans
Code base
Application business logic
You will receive a detailed report with analysis and description of all problems and vulnerabilities revealed. You will have service interaction map and list of all equipment. In addition to reports, you will receive recommendations for correcting infrastructure problems, advice on data backup policy. You will have instructions on how to reorganize the duty shifts.
You are free to compose your own package out of presented proposals.
Standard audit timeline - 1 month.
Cost of audit is discussed on case by case basis.
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Even if you do not have a clear task, we will discuss and advise you.